Mobile Customization

Tailored solutions to meet any mobile challenge

For every service you provide, you need a mobile counterpart. Whether you have a solution but are not mobile-ready, or require an entirely original mobile solution, our consultants help you identify your audience and specific targets, then tailor a custom mobile application to meet your business objectives.

In addition to implementing UX and UI best practices, improving usability, speed and performance, we optimize your mobile pages, improve email marketing for mobile users and create responsive newsletters—building the HTML, layout structure, coding the layout structure, design and testing.

What customers see when they first access your mobile site will determine the quality of their overall experience. OSF Commerce provides the services you need:
We work with your team to develop a mobile strategy that both meets your objectives and provides opportunities to adapt over time.
Responsive &
Adaptive Design
We help you build a responsive solution that adapts to your customers’ behaviors and devices.
Remove Conversion 
We implement essential design, merchandising and back-end technology to increase sales opportunities and revenue.
We help you match your retail needs while reducing page load times, optimizing content and improving usability.
Put Your Customers 
We build sites that grab your customers’ attention and drive them to action with a simple, desirable experience.
Unify the Customer
We ensure your mobile site is unified with your existing site for a consistent brand experience.

Mobile Partnerships

OSF Commerce partners with creators of leading mobile platforms to offer a better variety of cost-effective solutions to our customers. We combine our consulting, implementation and optimization expertise with our strategic mobile partners’ innovative solutions—complementary technology that reduce costs, development time and solve specific pain points for retailers.

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