Application Development

Flexible solutions for any mobile strategy

As the demand for smartphones and tablets continues to grow, so too will the demand for new mobile applications. Developing a native mobile application with OSF Commerce helps you personalize shopping experiences, gather insights on your consumers and deliver information about product features, prices, promotions and brands in the hands of your customers.

Initiate or expand your mobile strategy to grab your share of this expanding market. We work with you to develop a mobile strategy that aligns with your business goals, and provides real value to your customers. With the right features, a mobile application from OSF Commerce enables you to create new revenue sources, boost profits and attract new and loyal customers.

With over 70 native mobile applications projects launched, OSF Commerce succeeds in enhancing the way customers interact with our clients’ products and services. We provide:
Business & Workflow
Identify improvement areas and define application specifications to ensure performance with your existing processes
Coding, Auditing &
Ensure the application meets your expectations and delivers the reliability, security and functionality you demand
Design the technology architecture and user interfaces to support your mobile solution
Implementation &
Integrate your mobile application into your existing environment and align with your end-to-end business objectives

Special Features

OSF Commerce integrates special features into your mobile application as needed. Our enhancements enable you to provide contextualized product recommendations, enable targeted content, automate language and currency adjustments and localize promotional content. You can even provide one-touch fingerprint checkout to increase conversions and improve the customer experience.

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