Connected Commerce

Sales and brand consistency, in-store and online

Competitive retailers are responding to customer demand for omnichannel services, which enable them to shop wherever, whenever and however they want. Connected Commerce solutions create such seamless experiences for customers, both online and offline. This continuity enables visitors to connect with retailers through any channel with a consistent and personalized brand experience.

OSF Commerce builds connected commerce solutions that engage your customers to create exceptional experiences, build brand loyalty and revenue, and help you manage customer data in a way that improves all aspects of your business.

Our connected commerce experts help you meet your customers’ needs at every touchpoint:
Inform and sell to customers consistently, through any retail channel.
Gain incredible visibility into customer behavior, throughout the customer journey.
Create personalized messages, offers and entirely unique experiences for your customers.

CRM & CMS Integrations 

OSF Commerce integrates ecommerce with both CRM and CMS platforms to add value to your connected commerce architecture. With a CRM integration, empower your staff with access to centralized customer data from anywhere—the service desk to the retail floor. A CMS integration allows you to easily manage relevant, targeted content on your storefronts across devices.