CRM & Ecommerce Integrations

Achieving a 360° view of your customer data

Retailers use CRM to pull in information from multiple systems in order to optimize customer service, open sales opportunities and drive customer loyalty and revenue. An integration between CRM and ecommerce provides invaluable tools for retailers who wish to enable a seamless, exceptional customer experience and manage customer data in a way that improves their business even more.

Get a complete picture of what this integration could mean for you, your team and your business. Our integrations provide:
Gain complete visibility into the activity of your online customers in a single, centralized location.
Understand patterns, overlapping interests and details about your customers to drive sales and marketing initiatives.
Omnichannel Capabilities
Capture valuable data as you expand your sales channels via connected commerce.
Streamlined Services
Give service agents access to all customer information, to find a solution for any issue.
Use customer data to personalize content and the positioning of products and services for customers.
International Growth
Gain a better view of existing and new customers as you grow into new markets.

Connected Commerce

CRM and ecommerce integrations support a connected commerce experience for your customers, empowering them as well as your staff. Develop a true customer journey across channels, offering your shoppers the ability to shop in-store and online—as a unified experience. Then you will deliver on your customers’ expectations at every touchpoint.
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