Branded Communities and Portals

Flexibility and variety to meet any customer demand

Salesforce branded communities and portals allow retailers to engage with their customers and internal users to improve communication and data sharing, as well as increase customer loyalty, customer interactions and sales. Our Salesforce experts deploy communities and portals to meet your specific business requirements, and maximize the return on your Salesforce investment.

Extend the value of your Salesforce solution, and drive customer participation and sales. We enable you to:
Collect Customer
Get valuable customer data, unique to your branded communities and portals.
Monitor and learn from your communities to create targeted marketing and personalization.
Use branded communities to connect with customers, improve services and accelerate online sales.

A Variety of Communities and Portals

Branded Salesforce communities and portals can be created for any number of purposes, be they optimizing services and support, growing interest in particular products or providing a whole new way for customers to interact with your brand. Connect, collaborate and drive success with all of the partners and groups that matter most to your business.
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