Website & Portal Projects

Improve the performance of your online investments

Your business success depends on the performance of your online activities, be it your corporate website or customer/partner service portal. We start with a complete view of your online projects and status of multichannel integration, and build targeted solutions that follow your online strategy. Our consultants review the needs of both your internal stakeholders and users, then analyze the effectiveness of your existing website and online ecosystem, including a competitor analysis. Then, we provide you with recommendations and an action plan, featuring internet, intranet and extranet solutions that address your business goals.

We ensure your online solutions drive the success of your business at every touchpoint. With our services you will, amongst other things, be able to realize:
Engage customers with a carefully built corporate website presenting your company, services and products in the best way possible.
Blogs, Microsites & 
Web Apps
Launch several connected online touchpoints for specific target groups and business purposes as part of your greater online ecosystem.
Product Finders &
Launch applications that deliver tailored experiences, letting customers find your products quickly or configure them on their own.
Attract new visitors by addressing target groups through external channels, such as search engines, newsletters or social media.
Employee &
Project Portals
Build intranet systems for your employees that support communication, workflow, knowledge management and working together on projects within your organization.
CMS for 
Ecommerce Portals
Unify your online content and commerce strategies.

The Right Strategy

Improving performance of your website and online activities begins with identifying your unique business requirements and the needs of your target groups. Establish multi-channel online touchpoints with unique and memorable company, brand and product experiences that draw customers and partners to your website. Support your customers, partners and employees with service portals, maximizing the effectiveness of your investments and leveraging satisfaction.
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