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Planning Solution for Salesforce Partner Community

OSF Community PLANNER is an intuitive calendar solution that will help you better plan interactions, as well as increase collaboration with your partners. This new version of OSF Community PLANNER will assist you in visualizing your events and tasks by day, week or month, as well as track the progress of your scheduled activities. Centralizing all of this valuable data will support you in becoming better organized, improve your performance, and will save time for both you and your Community users.

57% of smart companies said that ease of use is the most important feature when considering which calendar solution they will use (aytm). As the only MOBILE RESPONSIVE calendar for Salesforce Partner Communities, it’s very easy to navigate the component both from your desktop and mobile devices.

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    Developed as a Lightning Component for Salesforce Partner Communities, OSF Community PLANNER works with Community Builder. Simply ‘drag and drop’ the component into your Community template to immediately access the calendar within your Community.


    Create a collaborative environment in your company. 
    Existing or new Tasks and Appointments can be assigned to calendar users. View all scheduled activities and easily track their progress. Simplify communication flows by assigning tasks to calendar users.

    Users can view and manage scheduled Appointments and Tasks in your Salesforce Community without the need to leave the Community and switch to an external calendar. Centralize and synchronize schedules with all of your partners.

    Create User Lists reflecting your business teams and manage activities for as many users as you need. Display and edit records in Day, Week or Month views. Users can check time availability and schedule joint Appointments and Tasks accordingly.

    Work efficiently with data-oriented calendar design. There’s a vast range of color-coding, advanced filtering and customizable details available upon hovering. Your Community users will appreciate how OSF Community PLANNER provides the ability to easily view and rapidly act upon data.


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  • press release
    OSF Community PLANNER launched during Salesforce World Tour London, as “part of our vision to make the greatest array of today’s technology available to our customers with minimal cost and complexity—all made possible by the Salesforce Lightning Platform” READ PRESS RELEASE


    See OSF’s successful project implementation for L’Oréal Canada that involved building a custom solution deployed across nearly all of their brands, and up to 200 users—L’Oréal Canada’s sales reps out in the field


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